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Our Technicians are Certified Pool Operators.  That means they are experts in water chemistry and the authority on clearing up green and cloudy pool water.    We would like to show you how beautiful your pool can be.  We even offer a class on maintaining your pool yourself, taught by one of our friendly knowledgeable CPO'S for a low one time fee.  Just  call or send us a message to learn more or to schedule an estimate.  

We are family owned and operated and always will be.  We care about our customers, the way we care about family. We are Licensed and Insured. Your pool will never look better,  We Guarantee it!

Reliable And Professional

Experience, patience and dedication are what set us apart from the competition all done by certified technicians.  

We really Love what we do

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction is NOT an option!

Great Service and a Great looking Pool isn't what you should hope for;   It is what you DESERVE!. 

If you don't agree that your pool or spa has never looked better; you pay nothing!

See why our customers have adopted our "Poolosophy" for their pool & spa.



"I can't Thank You enough for making the pool look so good."

- J. Porter

The Studio On 12th 


"You really did an awesome job.  It was looking so bad, I thought for sure it was going to have to be drained." "Thank you."

- D. Baine

Mesa, AZ


I was so bummed about the condition of the pool and how it was bringing the value of my home down.  It was causing people to  walk away from the sale, it was so bad.  But then you guys did your magic and kept your word.  Now I can enjoy my "new" pool a little, before it closes Escrow.  

-  L. McElroy

Phoenix, AZ

"Much More Than I Expected"

"The customer service alone is worth way more than the price I'm paying. "

- C. Near

"Very Impressed"

"I have to say that I was extremely impressed by the amount of  professionalism, knowledge, and customer service Austin showed me."

- K. Johnson


We Appreciate Our Service Men & Women

Military Discount - 25% 

No Restrictions* Never Expires

Just let us know and we will apply it to your account. 

 We Thank You For Your Service

* Must be a current or former member of the US military

We Reward Our Customers

Tell Someone about us.  If they have us service their pool,  we will put $25 in your pocket.  There is no limit on how many people you can refer.  Just tell them to mention your name  and you're wallet will be a little heavier.  CHA-CHING!

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We Offer A Pool Care Class

Want to learn how to service your pool the right way?  Whether you're wanting to save a little money or you just like doing it all yourself.  For a small fee, you can sign up to have one of our Cerified Technicians show you how to keep your own pool looking great as well as a safe healthy place to swim.  Just call, click or email to set up an appointment.


You Should Replace Your Pool Water

Every three to five years.  And this is why:   

TDS, or Total Dissolved Solids, is the measure of the sum of all the substances dissolved in your pool water.  When the TDS level reaches a certain number;  it becomes unsafe to swim in it.  Everything you add to the water increases its TDS, including chlorine, shock, water balancers such as pH increaser or reducer, algaecide, clarifiers, etc. Even swimming in your pool adds to your TDS level, with sweat, hairspray, deodorant, perfume and other substances coming off the bodies of swimmers. And everything that blows in on the wind or washes in from the rain also contributes to your TDS level.  When it gets too high, the water loses the ability to absorb even the chemicals designed to keep it healthy.

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